Dr. Shane, our lead Chiropractor in Louisville thrives on results!


I am lean 56 year old who is fairly active.  I’ve had neck and lower back discomfort off and on for several years.  Over the course of approximately 8-10 visits with Dr. Shane Kurth, I received adjustments to my neck and back, plus I was provided instructions for several exercises.  Between the adjustments, exercises and education I received over the course of my visits, I feel much better physically and mentally, and as a result, will continue with the exercises and additional visits with Dr. Kurth.  I highly recommend Dr. Shane Kurth.

JohnImproved Mentality

I do not know where to begin.  I have been suffering with migraine headaches for as long as I can remember.  After a few months of specific scientific chiropractic care my headaches are gone.  I am officially habituated to weekly chiropractic treatment and visits.  Dr. Kurth has opened an all new world to me in terms of health and wellness.  His outright professionalism and reliability as a chiropractor is second to none.  I am looking forward to the many years ahead where myself and my peers can continue to see Dr. Kurth.  Outstanding work!

MikeMigraines Gone

I first started to see Dr. Kurth for back and neck issues. Everything was going well. I started sleeping better, feeling better at work. He educated me on how the body can heal itself by removing nerve interference. I woke up one day with a sore TMJ that was giving me a lot of pain. I didn’t know chiropractic care could help with this. After three visits to Dr. Kurth, my jaw (TMJ) was feeling back to normal. Dr. Kurth was able to use his integrator device to free up my nerve interference and it allowed my body to heal itself. Overall, I have been very impressed with Dr. Kurth and the integrative approach he takes to chiropractic care.

JonathonTMJ Pain Gone

I came in initially with arm and hand numbness, gallbladder pain, dizziness, back pain and anxiety. I have been receiving adjustments for about two months and have noticed great improvement with all of my conditions. When I come to appointments scheduled, I feel better- more confident. I have less gallbladder pain too. When I have to miss appointments, old conditions creep back. It seems like my health is being unwrapped- old problems are coming to the forefront and then being eradicated, then even older problems come up which he is now addressing. In other words it is as if my general health is being restored year by year, backward in time to a younger me!

EllenGall Bladder Pain and Anxiety Improved

Apex Chiropractic has   been a huge blessing! Neck and back pain was making me reconsider an early career change since my job requires awkward posture at times. Since starting care, I am sure I can continue working as long as I want to. Regular pain also was present outside of work. Now I really only notice it during work and not during my leisure activities.

Candice Got Career Back

I came to Apex initially with severe lower back and sciatica pain as well as neck pain. I also struggled with asthma. It has been five months and I love how much better my back feels! I no longer have pain shooting down my back into my legs. My sciatica is totally gone and my asthma has improved. I have noticed that my neck pain has greatly improved as well.   I always feel so much better when I leave my appointment!

JoanieSevere Low Back Pain and Sciatica Gone

I was suffering hip and lower back pain, shooting neck pain and pain in and around my inner ear canal. I have been seeing Dr. Shane Kurth for about two and a half months and my pain in my ear is completely gone, my hip and lower back has greatly improved and my shooting neck pain has subsided about 80%! The nerve connection to my arms/extremities and my posture has also greatly improved. I feel taller and I have a much more positive attitude and outlook on life!

SusanEar pain gone and Posture Improved

Dr. Shane is an amazing and talented healer. I came in with neck issues which the technology reflected as bright red. Eight weeks later my neck was totally cleared in white and I feel great. He opened and cleared my sinuses and allergies during a summer cold so I could recover faster and my pelvis also received attention to eliminate aches on occasions. Coming in was a delightful experience as well as a valuable health choice! I recommend this man’s gentle and effective hands gratefully!

PatriciaSinus and Allergies Problems Resolved

I have blood pressure problems, terrible headaches and swelling behind my eyes. I also have a compressed disc at C5 with 15% compression, which is from an old football injury that causes hip stiffness and pain radiating down my right leg. Another injury I had in my early 20s, I was hit by three trees in the middle of my back when I was logging. That injury causes sharp pain in my back between my shoulders and my rib cage is very sore. My blood pressure has dropped and the swelling behind my eyes have decreased considerably. I now only get one or two headaches per month now, when it was once or twice a week before I started chiropractic care. I can now bend and move without pain, my rib cage hardly ever hurts and I no longer have a sharp pain radiating down my legs at all. Chiropractic care has also improved my ability to sleep and to do things around my house.

BillBlood Pressure Dropped

I would like to thank Dr. Shane Kurth for the tremendous improvement in my back problems. I am now able to walk greater distances, able to stand unassisted for longer times, and most importantly am now suffering much less pain.  With each visit, I see more improvement.  My family has also noticed that with much less pain, my mood has greatly improved. When I first started seeing Dr. Kurth, I was unable to do much around my house. Now I feel less dependent on my family for simple tasks such as laundry and dishes. I look forward to this summer and the family activities that we have for I feel I will be able to better participate in them without stopping as often. I anxiously look forward to my appointments to see how much more I am able to accomplish now. Thank you Dr. Kurth for all you have done so far, and what I can only hope you can continue to help me make improvements in my life!

MaryLeg Numbness gone and Can Walk Again

I had been suffering with digestive problems for over 2 years. In that time I had been on several different elimination diets and had seen a number of holistic doctors and a nutritionist to try to get to the bottom of it. And while everything I tried was helpful to some extent, inevitably, even after several months of having been on some seriously restrictive diet, the problems would return. It had gotten so bad, my stomach would blow up like a balloon after eating a single blueberry, and I would be holding my stomach in pain. Needless to say, I was frustrated. I have also seen chiropractors for years, but primarily for back and neck issues. I hadn’t really thought of chiropractic as a treatment for internal health. After hearing Dr. Shane talk about the Torque Release Technique and how it could treat a host of health issues inside and out, I was intrigued, and I figured it was worth a try. Within 2 weeks of treatments, what was left of my digestive problems just flitted away. Vanished. I honestly couldn’t believe it, but it felt like overnight my stomach just wasn’t bothering me anymore. No more ballooning or pain. It has been a few months now, I’ve been eating normally (no more restrictions!) and I’m still feeling great.

GiliDigestive Issues Resolved

I started having constant headaches for a year. They would come and go constantly. They were so bad, that I wasn’t able to do anything without the headache bothering me. I came into Dr. Kurth’s office and learned a lot of things I didn’t know about chiropractic. I’ve always thought chiropractic only helped with back pain, but I’ve learned it helped with more than just back pain. I was always scared of chiropractic because I thought it was just cracking and popping, but after seeing Dr. Kurth’s technique, I decided to try it out and see if it would help with my headaches. After seeing Dr. Kurth for a couple months, my headaches went away completely! I would’ve never thought that chiropractic would get rid of headaches. I have not had a headache ever since I started seeing him. I was really impressed with the results. Now I am able to do things without having a headache distract me. I’m very glad that my headaches are gone with the help of Dr. Kurth.

SawhitneyNo More Headaches

I began seeing Dr. Kurth for my foot numbness. Between my two feet I had over 8 toes that were completely numb all the time. After just a few months that problem has been corrected and I no longer have any numbness at all! I also had pain in my hip that had not responded to physical therapy. That pain is now gone too. I wish that I had started seeing Dr. Kurth years ago!

KarenFoot Numbness Gone

I have had a great experience with this office; friendly, flexible with appointments and pleasant. I have not had my hip slip out of place and lock up at all since I have been getting my adjustments regularly. My lower back pain is gone and I feel stronger all the time.

LacyNo More Hip Problems

I originally looked into chiropractic care as a way of addressing symptoms of IBS in addition to my daily medication. Since beginning with Dr. Shane my symptoms are much improved. I used to have digestive episodes multiple times daily, whereas now I experience symptoms only one or two times a month.

DaveIBS Improved

I really enjoy coming to Apex Chiropractic. They are friendly and welcoming and work hard to accommodate their clients. In the months I have been receiving care, I’ve noticed a significant difference in the numbness I would feel in my legs and feet while working out. I have seen an improvement in my posture and I am no longer “cracking” my back throughout the day to relieve the pain and discomfort.

ZachNo More Numbness While Working Out

I started chiropractic care in November 2010. I was going through EXTREME periods of depression and anxiety, trying out different medications, and experiencing many different physical symptoms. For my age, was definitely not normal, I am 23. I had never been on medication before, but something in me just snapped and I was diagnosed with General Anxiety Disorder and placed on temporary meds which caused even more severe issues when I withdrew off Xanax. For anyone who has had anxiety and depression, you know that the experience is very crippling. It was hard for me to stay focused or optimistic that anything or anyone could help me. I literally thought I was doomed for the rest of my life and I was scared of even leaving my house. I began trying out different therapies to overcome these issues and I figured Chiropractic could only help with the problems I was having. With the anxiety came a lot of physical symptom: shortness of breath, chest pains, light-headedness, dizziness and many other random issues that can mimic sever physical problems. I didn’t want to stay on medication, but it was something that I realized I needed until all of my problems got sorted out. Today I am anxiety and depression free which is something I never thought I’d experience at any point in my life. I have all of my confidence back and then some.

I’m a completely different person because of the issues I experienced and none of those fears that I had previously have any control over me. Even though I cannot say Chiropractic was the “cure-all” for the problems I was experiencing (as I did seek out many different treatments), I know during all of my treatments, I felt immediately better after each session. It was just what I was seeking when crippled with anxiety and couldn’t get a break from. Among other things, I had many other issues at the time I started receiving my treatment. After a few short treatments, I noticed my IBS was no longer bothersome, headaches were very rare, and from sleeping on my stomach so much I had developed a slight pain in my lower back when lying down. This completely vanished after 1 treatment and has yet to return. I’ve been going for over a year now and noticed that stress no longer bothers me, anxiety and depression are gone, my whole attitude and outlook on life changed completely. As far as being sick goes, I only get a cold about once a year which only lasts for a day or 2. The worst part was the long-lasting sore throat. Now when I get a cold, I don’t even get the sore throat, just a slight sinus infection. My eyes ALWAYS bothered me during the spring and fall due to pollen and allergies. Now my eyes are perfectly fine during these times of year. Overall, I feel like chiropractic has benefitted me greatly and I’m a completely different person because of it.

RyanDepression, Anxiety and Migraines Gone