Louisville CO Chiropractor Exposes the Silent Killer!

Louisville Co Chiropractor

Louisville CO Chiropractor Exposes the Silent Killer!

The Silent Killer is lurking inside you as you read this article. It lurks inside all of us, at this very moment. Apex Chiropractic of Louisville Colorado has initiated a mission to seek out this silent killer, and destroy it; restoring the health of patients in the Louisville CO area.

What is your greatest asset in life?

It’s not your car or your fancy laptop. It’s your health (but you knew that, didn’t you!)
Sadly, for the first time in human history, our newest generation is not expected to live as long as the current generations. Since when is it acceptable that life expectancy be driving in the opposite direction for our children?
Perhaps it is representative of the superficial world we live in; where looks are seen as the bio-marker of health versus physical, mental, and social well being.

Does She Look Healthy to You?

How healthy do you think the models on the magazine covers are? And what about those bulky body builders selling their protein powders on late night infomercials, do you think they’re healthy inside and out?
Health is More Than Looks
Health is a state of complete physical, mental, and social well being. It’s not simply the absence of disease or infirmity. This is why you can’t judge your health based on how you look or how you feel; the only accurate measure of health is how your body is functioning internally.

Chiropractor Louisville CO is Debunking Common Health Myths

People have been left in the dark about how to achieve true health for far too long. Dr. Shane Kurth, a Louisville CO Chiropractor, is an expert on health. In his practice, the fact that true health originates in the brain and nervous system has been proven in his patients time and time again.
“Gray’s Anatomy”, the most highly sought after medical textbook states: “The nervous system controls and coordinates all organs and structures of the human body.” All of the messages start in the control center – the brain – and then pass down the spinal cord and begin to branch out through all of the spinal nerves to the appropriate parts in the body. Your stomach, your triceps, the reproductive organs, the heart and lungs, blood pressure, heart rate, every single cell! There are no exceptions! You name it, the nerves control it.
The silent killer a lot of people are becoming plagued with is called a “vertebral subluxation.”  Spinal Subluxations can best be described as specific sites of spinal malfunction leading to irritation of the body’s central computer, the nervous system. The end result is separation from wholeness and an inability to experience well being. There is a series of chemical reactions that occur in your nervous system, which when working properly, result in you thinking “I FEEL GOOD!” If the spine is allowed to express itself without interference (free of subluxations) the individual will express health to their fullest potential. If the nervous system “feels good,” then usually the rest of the body “works well.”

Chiropractor Louisville Colorado Dr. Shane Kurth Implements the “Torque Release Technique”

Research published in one of the most respected psychiatry journals showed a dramatic increase in success rates in reducing anxiety and depression levels, improved measurements of well being, as well as a majority of other health benefits when Torque Release Technique (“TRT”) Chiropractic Adjustments were administered. This is the technique experienced chiropractor Dr. Shane Kurth uses in Louisville, Colorado. It is not only a good idea but is essential to have a fully functioning nervous system in order to live a healthy life. The only profession trained to analyze, locate and correct subluxations are chiropractors.
Stay tuned for our next blog that will discuss the three Ts, the only three things responsible for causing spinal subluxations.


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