Dr. Shane Kurth D.C., BCN

Dr. Shane Kurth has a special interest and an extended education on mental health conditions and enjoys helping people achieve an overall better quality of life through the Torque Release Technique and is currently pursuing a diplomat degree in addictionology and compulsive disorders. He has personally experienced outstanding results overcoming his anxiety, which was holding his life back, through regular scientific chiropractic adjustments. Dr. Shane thrives to help individuals with anxiety, depression or any type of addiction problem achieve these same results. He is honored to have the privilege of serving the communities of Louisville, Co, Superior, CO, and the greater Boulder area and helping them overcome their health problems through principled chiropractic.

Dr. Kurth is also board certified in chronic intractable pain and neuropathy. He has a very special interest in this unfortunate condition and after exploring all other options to treat peripheral neuropathy it he finally found a non surgical one that works! This is a new and cutting edge treatment that is showing upwards of a 95% success rate in tens of thousands of patients around the world. You can learn more about the new peripheral neuropathy treatment here: https://apexchiroco.com/new-neuropathy-treatment/

Dr. Shane Kurth suffered from severe anxiety a majority of his life until he recently found an answer. Ever since he was a little kid he was unable to sleepover at a friend’s house because he would get homesick. They would have to call his parents in the middle of the night to come to pick him up because he would be crying.  He went through grade school and high school constantly worrying about things out of his control.  In college, Dr. Shane was hospitalized as he began to experience full-blown panic attacks, at which point he was diagnosed with a generalized anxiety disorder.  He began going to the chiropractor while he was in high school only when he would have neck or back pain because that’s what the chiropractor recommended.  The chiropractor never explained to him what chiropractic truly was.  Thanks to him Dr. Shane did end up going to chiropractic school, following his degree in Microbiology at Auburn University (WAR EAGLE!),  because he saw how happy everyone was that came into his office.  Within his first year of chiropractic school, he learned the full picture of what chiropractic really was and a special technique (Torque Release Technique) that could help with his anxiety.  Dr. Shane began getting adjusted on a regular basis and within a few months, his anxiety was almost non-existent.  To this day he still gets adjusted on a regular basis and his anxiety levels remain low.

He currently is an avid cyclist, fisherman, and snowboarder. When he is not working on one of his companies you will find him outside playing in the mountains! Come join him on one of his group rides he puts on through the Apex Chiropractic Cycling club or check out a guided fishing trip through his company Mile High Trout Hunters!

Dr. Shane is very involved in the chiropractic community. He is an active member of AMPED, the International Chiropractic Association (ICA), Georgia Council of Chiropractic (GCC) as well as the International Federation of Chiropractors & Organizations (IFCO). These organizations are responsible for keeping the chiropractic profession true to its core.

Darcie – Patient Care and Communication Manager

Darcie attended Averett University where she obtained her Bachelor’s degree in 2008 while playing three collegiate sports. She obtained her NCBTMB for massage therapy in 2012 while working for herself as a Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor. Darcie is a transplant from Vermont but considers Colorado her home now. She enjoys all the Colorado things except triathlons. You can usually find her in the mountains fishing or on her snowboard or mountain bike.

Darcie discovered chiropractic care when she was about 15. Her mom was privy to how to really take care of herself and instilled that in Darcie at a young age. Chiropractic care was something Darcie pursued throughout her life until she got side tracked after moving to Colorado. Darcie did her research and found out about the technique Dr. Shane uses. She came to Apex with many nagging issues that she wasn’t sure chiropractic care could fix, but she was willing to give a shot! She never looked back. She even went as far as to get engaged to the Doctor so she can ensure she gets her ongoing care for free.


Laney – Chiropractic Assistant 

Laney is a Colorado (Boulder County) native who is so excited to have landed a fulfilling position working for a company she believes in. Before working at Apex, she graduated from Colorado State University in 2016 with a Bachelor’s degree in English, and while writing the next great American Novel is still a long term goal of hers, she is content to be working for a practice dedicated to improving the lives of others while she gathers material for her memoir. 

In addition to her passionate interest in writing, Laney loves the outdoors and tries to spend as much time outside as she can on weekends. Whether it be hiking, fishing, or kayaking you can be sure if it’s sunny out, she’ll be out too. 

Laney started chiropractic care after a lifetime of back pain, insomnia and migraines became too heavy a burden to carry on her own. She found Revelation Chiropractic (a doctor who also uses the Torque Release Technique) while still living in Fort Collins and began to prioritize her health more than she ever had before. About halfway through treatment, she began to notice improvements in sleep, back pain, and most surprisingly, an increased sense of hearing!  A year and a half later she is still continuing care and has never looked back. After moving back home to Longmont, she knew the next part of her life needed to include helping others discover the secret to thrive through life and not just struggle through the pain. She couldn’t be happier to have joined the Apex Team and hopes everyone who comes in experiences the amazing changes chiropractic care has made in her life!