At Apex Chiropractic, instead of treating symptoms, we look for the fundamental underlying cause of your health problems. Instead of drugs, we offer solutions.

As your chiropractor in Louisville, CO, we tune the nervous system by connecting the brain to the body through our specific, scientific, neurological-based chiropractic care. All we ask is that our community holds themselves accountable to have their nervous systems function at 100% through specific chiropractic adjustments and additionally eat clean and exercise; with these three components, our bodies are in the most optimal condition to heal, defend against diseases, and thrive.

" In a place like Boulder, there are a lot of good chiropractors—but, according to our readers, none of them stand up to Apex Chiropractic. "

— Boulder Weekly, Best of Boulder County 2022

Apex Chiropractic, our team believes that everybody should have the opportunity to thrive in life, and not suffer through it. That's why we've made it our mission to help our clients achieve natural health through affordable Neurologically-Based Chiropractic Care.

We believe in taking care of our body’s capability to perform for all parts of our lives, whether it be a chosen activity or required task. In order to do that, it’s important to give your body the attention it needs now to set up a strong foundation for the future. Educating and empowering others to commit to themselves is our highest priority.

We invite you to visit our beautiful chiropractic facility, centrally located in Louisville, CO, just a short drive from Broomfield, North Denver, Westminster, Lafayette, Erie, South Longmont, and Boulder County.

Apex Chiropractic
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Adara S.
Dr. Poulson was excellent. This place was very professional. Quick and efficient. This was also my first time going to a chiropractor and was recommended by a family member, it was an overall good experience. He is very attentive to your problem areas as well. I highly recommend him!
Educated F.
I am extremely grateful for their weight loss program. I lost 15lbs and 28" in 12 weeks. I feel like myself again. The red light absolutely helps with fat loss and has also made my skin look 10 years younger. I have so much energy and am just happier :)
Response from the owner: Thanks so much for the five-star review. It was great to see your hard work pay off during the program!
Linda R.
Great environment and professional care! I enjoy talking with the amazing staff and feel better after every session!
Response from the owner: Thanks so much for the five-star review!
Laura G.
I’ve been at Apex for a couple of years now and they’re keeping me mobile! I’d be in a bit of trouble without their care! The staff is friendly, kind and professional. I came in for neuropathy treatment and I’ve seen great improvement in the neuropathy pain subsiding, it’s not completely gone, but I have made a lot of progress. Highly recommend you visit Apex.
Response from the owner: Thanks so much for the five star review Laura. It has been great to see your progress during your time at the office!
Valerie P.
I went in to see about the Red Light therapy and the results were amazing!!! I can’t say enough about how extremely knowledgeable the staff is on how to help your body!! I signed up that very 1st day!!!!It’s a warm, welcoming environment!!! I’m always excited to be going back for my next appointment and seeing the changes right away!!!So thankful I found this place!!!!!!!
Response from the owner: Thanks so much for the five-star review! It is going to be great to see you go through the process and get to experience all the benefits of the Red Light!
Robert S.
Great introductory meeting, anxious to get started!
Response from the owner: Thanks so much for the five-star review! We are also looking forward to getting you started on the path to feeling better!
Amy S.
Everything here from start to finish is professional, welcoming, and top notch. The staff is engaged and genuinely interested in your well being. And I love the red light therapy setup they have!
Response from the owner: Thanks so much for the five-star review! It is going to be AWESOME to see your results at the end of the program. Your hard work will pay off!!!
Kim M.
Awesome staff. Very helpful
Response from the owner: Hello! Thank you so much for the great feedback. We look forward to treating you more in the future!
My well being has increased immensely since getting regular adjustments here. I've had improvement in my carpel tunnel, knee pain and holding stress in my body. And most importantly I am more relaxed! The staff is professional and kind, building is clean which always helps the experience as well.
Response from the owner: Thanks so much for the five-star review! It has been great to seeing your continued improvement!
Sheila M.
Amazing staff at Apex! They are always so helpful and supportive. The Red Light therapy was AMAZING…
Response from the owner: Thanks so much Shelia! It was awesome to see how well you did with the Red Light Therapy here at the office !
Jody B.
I have been seeing Dr Shane for 6 years. He very quickly took care of some issues that other chiropractors were not able to remedy. I was soon on a maintenance schedule, Unfortunately, I was in a car collision that required more intense treatment, but returned to maintenance after just a few months. Last Fall, I began the red light treatment program, and lost stubborn pounds and inches. I love that this practice is always looking for new ways to help their patients!
Response from the owner: Thank you so much for the kind works Jody! It has been a pleasure working with and seeing not only your great results with your Chiropractic care but also your results with the Red Light Therapy!
Joanna R.
Going to Apex was such a great experience. I was learning so many new things and they made sure I understood what we were doing every step of the way. They listened to what was important to me and what I wanted to focus on when it came to my body. I’m so excited to find somewhere new that can help me improve my health! I highly recommend 😊
Response from the owner: Thank you for the five stars, Jo! We are so glad you like the red light therapy!
Jeff C.
Expressed interest in their red light therapy for helping in trimming down a little as well as some lingering muscle inflammation, tried the initial appointment and was hooked. Office is nice and friendly, all the staff super helpful and informative (and have to love an office with an office dog to greet the pet lovers!), and really seeing substantial progress with my treatments even though not quite halfway done with my program. Overall, strongly recommend!
Response from the owner: That's great to hear Jeff, we are looking forward to seeing your results!
Tania J.
This facility is great! The staff are very helpful and the atmosphere and environment are very welcoming and pleasant. I started using Red Light Therapy in February because I saw a promotion online. I was very skeptical. I lost 3 inches on the first day. I saw results after that, too. I like that it doesn't take much time out of the day. Ten minutes on the red light bed and ten minutes on the vibe. Over the last several weeks I have lost 8 pounds and eight inches. I like seeing real results.
Response from the owner: Thank you so much for the kind words and the five stars, Tania!
Presley L.
The staff here are always so professional, and very knowledgeable! In our first few visits we found the problem and a great SOLUTION to my wife’s long lasting neck pain after trying so many doctor’s offices and ERs! This place is definitely worth the drive.
Response from the owner: Thanks so much for the kind words Presley! It has been great to see the progress we are making!
Briahna H.
When you think of a Chiropractic office, you may wonder a few things. Are you getting your moneys worth out of it? Do the people that work there GENUINELY have knowledge, care about you, and relate to your health or lack there of? Can I trust I’ll really get better here? Yes yes yes and yes. Not only that but Apex knows how everything in the body works together. Symptoms you’re having somewhere else in the body that you wouldn’t think relate to the pain you’re experiencing in the area you’re experiencing it… they know how it all connects. Not only that but they are a PEOPLE business. It’s people > profit. For what they offer it’s exceptionally reasonable in my opinion. I truly haven’t heard of a place like this, and excited to say that after a week, my pain has decreased. I cant imagine how my life will fully unlock after I complete my treatment plan.-Briahna Larson (Horton)
Response from the owner: Briahna, thank you so much for the kind words and the 5 stars! We are honored to be working with you and we are so excited to see how you are feeling in just a few months! Thank you for understanding and appreciating how we do things! We can't tell you how nice it is to read this review and feel the love!
Steve A
Best chiropractor ever! I couldn't stand up for over eight months. I used the decompression machine once and I was able to stand up straight. The red light special machine helps my inflammation and I even lost weight. The staff is amazing. I tried everything else and nothing worked. My pain doctor wanted me to do surgery and I didn't want to do that. This really helped me live my life. I'm so happy with them.
Response from the owner: Thanks so much for the Five-Star Review!
Kim B.
Apex Chiropractic's Dalia Red Light System was exactly what I needed to support my weight loss journey. They have flexible scheduling and everyone at Apex is very professional and friendly. I think the Red Light Program offers great value for the investment. I sleep better and am losing weight. I would highly recommend Apex's Red Light System to everyone wanting to feel great on the way to their weight loss goals!
Response from the owner: Thanks so much for the five-star review! It was great to hear about your continued progress while using the Red Light!
Pat P.
It's not easy to lose weight any time, but at 60+, it seemed harder than ever! Then I found Apex and their Dahlia Red Light Therapy, and this was just the support I needed! In 90 days time, following their plan, including diet, supplements, and red light therapy, I lost 17+ lbs and 26"! I couldn't be happier with the results, and the support of the entire team at Apex!
Response from the owner: Aww Pat, thank you so much for the kind words and for recognizing how much we care! We are so grateful you are part of our Apex family!
Laura W.
I highly recommend Apex Chiropractic’s red light weight loss program. There are so many other benefits I have seen in my physical and mental well being as I went through this program including increased energy and easement of aches and pains. The staff is also very wonderful!
Response from the owner: Thanks so much for the great review! It was great to see your results each time we checked in with you and it is even better to hear that you have been feeling the mental and physical benefits as well!
Karla P.
It was very good 😊 I enjoyed all of knowledge and my counselor was amazing and explained everything to me I really like this place!
Response from the owner: Thank you so much for the five-star review, we look forward to being a part of your wellness journey!
Kirsten N.
I really enjoyed this experience, whole body approach, to healthy eating and weight loss. I increased my muscle mass and lost inches, really happy with the results! The team at Apex are welcoming and friendly, the process easy and relaxing. Thanks Apex team!
Response from the owner: Thanks so much for the great review, it was great to see your results from start to finish!
danette H.
‘I highly recommend Apex Chiropractic’s red light weight loss program. I lost 23.5 inches and 14 pounds in just 8 weeks. There are so many other benefits I have seen in my physical and mental well being as I went through this program!”
Response from the owner: Thank you so much Danette, we appreciate you and your trust in us!
Kim T.
Dr. Shane is amazing and helps my TMJ! Would highly recommend him!
Response from the owner: Thanks Kim!
Ruta R.
Dr. Shane and Staff are outstanding and compassionate, and just plain fun!Great attitudes and very professional. Dr. Shane has helped me with my reduction in anxiety and daily stress levels. I highly recommend their chiropractic services!!!!!
Response from the owner: Thanks so much for the great review! It has been great having you back at the office!
Charity D.
So thorough and great for athletes not servws by traditional medicine
Response from the owner: Hi Charity, thanks so much for the five stars! We are so excited to work with you more in the future.
Grace F.
I’d highly recommend Apex to anyone looking to alleviate chronic pain! The combination of massage therapy with Jasmine and adjustments with Dr. Ray over the past 6 months have significantly eased my neck and back pain.
Response from the owner: Thanks so much for the five-star review Grace! It has been an absolute pleasure being a part of helping you to feel better!
Krissy G.
Always an incredible experience.
Response from the owner: Thanks so much for the 5-star review!
Jenny T.
Love the dog, love the people and love the improvement I’m feeling.
Response from the owner: Djanga thanks for the five star review Jenny!
Heather A.
After completing a series of red light sessions at Apex, I noticed greatly improved skin tone, tightening in my neck and décolletage, and 10” lost. The staff is wonderful, the atmosphere is comfortable, and scheduling was a snap. Their chiropractic services are top-notch and I’ve experienced less pain and a greater range of movement. I can’t recommend this business enough!
Response from the owner: Thank you so much for the 5 star review, Heather! We look forward to seeing you after the holidays!
Jessie P.
Amazing staff!! Amazing results!
Response from the owner: Thanks so much for the five-star review! It has been a pleasure being a part of your journey to feeling better!
JoAnn V.
Wonderful and they really want to get you better
Response from the owner: Thank you for the 5 stars, JoAnn! We are so excited for what is next for you!
Kenneth G.
Always friendly & well accommodating!
Response from the owner: Thanks for the five-star review!
Barb E.
Careful adjustment
Response from the owner: Thank you for the five stars, Barb. We are excited to see what is in store for you next!
Jeanne M.
Great staff that did scans and radiology - both very knowledgeable! My meeting with Dr. Shane was frank and informative. Great visit.
Response from the owner: It was great to meet you Jeanne! Hopefully we will be seeing you soon!
John P.
I’ve had my consult, signed up for the full package and had my first appt today. My experience has been perfect so far and I'm so glad I found Apex.
Response from the owner: We are so happy to be a part of getting you feeling back to yourself! Thanks for trusting us in your wellness journey!
James G.
Shane is a great guy and I loved the place I had fallen on my neck and he took me right in and took care of me. I walked in a huntched back man and walked out after the first time with more movement and feeling better. That place is amazing and I recommend them to anyone thanks guys.
Response from the owner: Thanks James! We are so glad you are feeling better. Thanks for the 5 stars and we will see you Monday!
Steven L.
Enjoyed that Darcie walked me through each step and explained each process or machine. It made my first treatment experience a great one.
Response from the owner: Stevo! We enjoyed chatting with you through out the treatment yesterday!
Tiffany B. K.
Amazing staff and an approach to chiropractic care that you can't get just anywhere. They are getting to the root of the problem.
Response from the owner: It was great to meet you this week and we look forward to being a part of your health journey!
Josh L.
Dr Ray is the best
Response from the owner: Thanks so much for the 5-star review Josh! You have been amazing to work with!!!
Carol K.
professional and I now understand my issues
Response from the owner: It was great meeting you yesterday Carol! We look forward to following alongside your wellness journey!

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Questions about your condition or injury? That's what we're here for!

Instead of a cold shoulder, we welcome you with open arms and transparency. We invite you to find out why we’ve been voted the top chiropractor in Boulder County for 3 years running.

Yes. Due to limited space our chiropractic office only accepts 20 a month. If you are looking for a chiropractor nearby, click here to get started.

The truth is chiropractic care doesn’t treat any conditions, but it can help with many. Health conditions arise in the body when your nervous system cannot function at its optimal level.

As we begin to adjust the body, our goal is to relieve stress on the nervous system so the brain can communicate with every muscle, cell, tissue, and organ in the body. As we achieve this, we can see many different conditions chiropractic can help.

Just to name a few that we have awesome success: Asthma, ADD or ADHD, Anxiety and Depression, Colic, Neck Pain, Back Pain, Shoulder Pain, Numbness and Tingling In Hand and Arms, Numbness and Tingling in Feet and Legs, Tinnitus, Traumatic Brain Injury, Car Accidents, Whiplash, Sports Injuries, TMJ Problems, Headaches, Migraines, Sciatica, Hip Pain, Knee Pain, Pinched Nerves, Herniated Discs, Text Neck, Autoimmune Conditions, and more!

Apex Chiropractic relies upon Torque Release Technique (TRT) because it is the first ever chiropractic technique to be developed out of research. Apex Chiropractic is more than capable of using other techniques but we choose TRT because it has been proven through science and research to be the most advanced chiropractic technique to date. There is no guesswork with TRT. Every part is scientifically proven. Read exactly how it works HERE.

Yes! The instrument we use, The Integrator, is designed to administer a “toggle recoil” thrust at 1/10,000th of a second. Contrary to a “hands-on” adjustment, this speed is so fast that it doesn’t give your muscles time to tighten up. Some people may have a hard time relaxing when they know an adjustment is coming.

The second reason for the high-speed adjustment is that researchers developing the Integrator still wanted to have the same amount of force as an adjustment done by hand. So by using the equation Force = Mass X Acceleration developers made up for the much smaller mass with an incredibly fast instrument. This yields the same amount of force by adjusting either by hand or with the Integrator. The Integrator is so specific compared to the hands because we can only adjust the specific vertebrae that need it. Unfortunately, many local chiropractors such as “The Joint” perform non-specific care. This is when a chiropractor would adjust multiple vertebrae at one time and overload the nervous system. The short term effects may be good with this type of care, but the problem will come back with non- specific care.

Yes. About 30% of our practice is pediatrics. Most parents bring their children to a pediatric chiropractor to keep them healthy and keep their immune system strong.

We help quite a few children with various conditions like colic, ADHD, anxiety, depression, asthma, allergies, etc. The birth process can be very traumatic not only on the pregnant mom but the newborn baby as well. Even if the child appears healthy it is vital to get them checked by a pediatric chiropractor soon after they are born to ensure their brain has clear communication with the rest of their body. As our children continue to grow, the daily stresses can have a negative impact on an ever-growing body. During the first few years of life, an infant often falls while learning to walk or can fall while tumbling off a bed or other piece of furniture. Even the seemingly innocent act of playfully tossing babies up in the air and catching them often results in a whiplash-like trauma to the spine, making it essential to get your baby checked by a pediatric chiropractor during every stage of his/her development as minor injuries can present as major health concerns down the road. After all, healthy kids turn into healthy adults!

To me, being a Chiropractor in Louisville, Colorado means so much more than providing treatment for neck pain, back pain, and headaches.

What sets our Louisville CO Chiropractic approach apart from many other chiropractors near me, is the fact that we leave the guesswork out of it by using the most state-of-the-art technology, our 3 Part NeuroTECH Exam, and newest technique available, Torque Release Technique, to pinpoint the precise areas your bodies symptoms are sourcing from. This means that each and every one of you will be treated as an individual with the chiropractic care we provide and no one will receive the same cookie-cutter approach many other chiropractic offices use.

Note From Our Founder