Recovery from Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) is often unpredictable. Treatments must be individualized for the unique nervous system of each patient. Recovery is most successful with a strategic plan that takes a holistic approach to the patient’s condition.

As one of the few professionals certified in TRT, Dr. Shane Kurth is encouraged after just one month of patient feedback. “So far, our study suggests TRT may provide relief to patients suffering from even the most complex brain trauma cases,” explains Dr. Kurth. “Our six-month study is just one month in; if we continue to see the results experienced by our research candidates thus far, then TRT will prove to be an outstanding treatment for even the most complex cases of brain trauma, a condition that has been extremely difficult to treat prior to this new approach.”

One of our Torque Release Chiropractors will use our 3-Part NeuroTech Exam Equipment to identify the weaknesses and imbalances within your nervous system. During treatment for TBI, we will work to restore neuroplasticity to the injured areas of the brain as well as restore proper neurological pathways via the Torque Release Technique. Apex Chiropractic in Louisville, Colorado was featured on the news for the outstanding results they had with multiple Traumatic Brain Injury patients.

After sustaining multiple brain injuries from 13 car accidents, Lisa, a TRT research participant, is finally seeing her condition improve. “I’ve seen so many medical specialists over the last two years, desperate to find an answer. I’m beyond ecstatic to finally regain most of the use of my arm and am thrilled that the inflammation in my brain has been minimized to such a degree,” says Lisa. Another research participant, Brooke, was a professional skier. After crashing on the slopes at 60 mph speeds, Brooke experienced severe brain trauma. “I’m 25% better. For me, 25% better is life-changing, especially when you consider I’ve been housebound for two years; unable to drive, let alone go for a short walk,” explains Brooke. “Just three weeks into the study, I walked for 20 minutes around the block. Will I ski again? I’m not sure, but finally, I have hope.”

Torque Release Helps with Traumatic Brain Injury

Like any muscle, the brain responds to exercise and stimulation. A Torque Release Chiropractor is trained to stimulate the nervous system using a special instrument called the Integrator, the only instrument in our profession approved by the FDA.

Some conditions of the brain and nervous system do not respond well to aggressive treatments such as drug therapy or surgery. Because of differing treatment approaches, certain conditions may respond more favorably to the non-invasive approach of Torque Release Chiropractic.