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Torque Release Technique

What Is Torque Release Technique?

Apex Chiropractic relies upon Torque Release Technique (TRT) because it is the first ever chiropractic technique to be developed out of research. Apex Chiropractic is more than capable of using other techniques but we choose TRT because it has been proven through science and research to be the most advanced technique in chiropractic today. There is no guesswork with TRT. Every part is scientifically proven. Our chiropractic office is the first to bring Torque Release to Louisville, Colorado. If you are looking for a Torque Release Technique doctor near you scroll down to the bottom and we can help you find one.

Where Did The Torque Release Technique Come From?

The analysis is derived from joining the best parts of the analysis systems of seven different chiropractic techniques. (Palmer Upper Cervical, Thompson, DNFT, SOT, Logan Basic, Toftness, and Network). TRT has incorporated over 120 years of chiropractic into one technique. It was meant to act as an upgrade to chiropractic; allowing doctors to make more accurate corrections within a shorter amount of time, with longer lasting effects.

TRT is also one of the few techniques that address the tone or tension of the nervous system. This is often referred to as tonal chiropractic (see definition at end). TRT also utilizes the Integrator, which is the 1st FDA approved instrument to adjust subluxations.

Why Are So Many Chiropractors In The Field Turning To TRT?

It’s because of this technique’s amazing ability to find the primary subluxation (see definition at end) or the most neurologically devastating subluxation in the body at that time. There are also secondary and tertiary subluxations that are the compensations of the primary subluxation. The reason primary subluxations are so hard to find is that they are typically symptom free.

Most of the time, the causes of our pain or symptoms come from secondary or tertiary subluxations, meaning that our patient’s primary subluxation is not normally found in their area of complaint. This may be confusing to some, but let’s explain it this way. If we have a bacterial infection in our bodies it will cause a fever and nausea. If we get rid of the bacteria the fever breaks instantly, but if we get rid of the fever and nausea the bacteria “pain” will come back again and again. The same thing happens to our practice members if we adjust the areas of pain and dysfunction instead of the true cause of the pain. At Apex Chiropractic we want to get to the root cause of your health concerns and stop it at the source.

Why Are So Many Chiropractors Still Using Other Modalities If TRT Is Superior?

Unfortunately many doctors seem to be doing a guess and check approach to patient care. They will try to adjust one area and see if it helps and then they will try another area; “twisting and cracking” multiple levels of vertebra at a time based on an area of pain. This is called non-specific care or mass manipulation. TRT allows you to work closely with the body, almost as if asking the patient’s body what it needs. The closer we get to working with the innate intelligence, the master controller in our bodies, we will be able to provide the best care possible resulting in quicker healing. The more specific the corrections the better the results in a shorter amount of time with longer lasting effects. Another amazing thing about TRT is that it calls for only adjusting 3-4 primary misalignments per visit. This is because we do not want to over stimulate the body. In today’s society when everyone is busier than ever, you can get the most effective care efficiently and get back to the life you were designed for.

Dr. Shane Kurth, a Torque Release Chiropractor in Louisville, CO, has many friends who are chiropractors but very few of them use TRT. Most of his colleagues agree that TRT is superior even though they don’t use the technique. When asked why they choose other modalities over TRT their answers disseminated around two main factors:

  1. It is very hard to detach patients from getting “snapped and cracked”. Although this is just a placebo that makes patients think they are accomplishing more during a visit, it is hard to veer away from that when patients think the noises they hear are doing more for their bodies.
    Ie: “How can it be doing anything if I didn’t even hear anything move?”.
  2. Not all patients value efficiency. They consider the amount of time the doctor spends with them to also depict the value of their dollars. This is also a placebo effect that takes a lot of education and understanding to surpass. TRT does an analysis to see where the body needs an adjustment more efficiently than any other modality with no guessing but since it only takes a couple of minutes patients have a hard time justifying the cost.
    Ie: “I can’t justify spending $X for just a couple of minutes with the doctor”.

These were the only two reasons that Dr. Shane’s chiropractic colleagues don’t use TRT. We are lucky to live in an area that is progressive and fosters taking care of our bodies the best way that we can. Not everyone has this benefit. In the future we hope to help Dr. Shane’s friends with educating and empowering patients to do what the Apex Family does here in Louisville, Colorado.

Torque Release Technique Analysis

What Is Dr. Shane Doing When He Pushes On My Feet?

They are using a deep tendon reflex, just like when a doctor would hit your knee with a reflex hammer. They engage your Achilles Reflex by pressing down on your ankles. This reflex is the authority in the body that allows them to find the primary subluxation. The reflex reflects the health of the nervous system demonstrating a short leg, long leg or balanced legs.

What Does The Light Finger Touch Do?

Dr. Shane uses pressure testing. When he uses the reflex, or when he is pressing on specific spots of your spine, it is sending nerve signals up to your brain. When a signal is not being sent properly or is interfered with, your legs will balance out and show the doctors where the primary subluxation is. This shows him where and how you need to be adjusted.

Why Do I Have To Turn My Head To The Left And Right Every Time I Come To Get Adjusted?

This is another check that Dr. Shane uses. This puts stress on specific vertebrae in your neck and will send signals up to your brain. When your legs balance with your head turned, your doctor knows there is a primary subluxation in your neck because your body thinks things are normal again. The only problem here is that we can’t walk around with our head turned to the side all day to feel normal. Further testing shows exactly which bone is out of place and how it is out of position.

Why Don’t I Get Adjusted In More Areas?

When Dr. Shane uses the Integrator, he is affecting more vertebra than the one being adjusted. When you adjust a primary subluxation it can affect five to ten bones above and below that area. If you were to get more than four adjustments in one visit you could be affecting over thirty different bones, and your body could not handle all that change at one time very well. This is why you will only get 2-3 segments adjusted on most visits. The most you will ever get is 4. Too many adjustments and your body goes into defense and healing is slowed. In science this is known as neurological overload.

Did You Know TRT (Torque Release) Also Uses 15 Diagnostic Indicators On Every Single Visit.

The visits may be efficient, but the doctors are not only looking at how your legs balance, they are also watching your breathing pattern, any abnormal heel or muscle tension, and as well as many other signs before and after each adjustment. If there are any specific changes, questions or comments please make sure to address them with the team at Apex. TRT is a very impressive technique and it may seem like a simple process, but there is so much that goes into not only learning TRT, but also into the analysis on each visit.

The Integrator

How Does The Integrator Work?

In order to receive an institutional review board approval the investigators developed TRT and the Integrator instrument, which provided reproducibility and reliability to their studies. The Integrator is designed to administer a “toggle recoil” thrust at 1/10,000th of a second. Contrary to a “hands-on” adjustment, this speed is so fast that it doesn’t give your muscles time to tighten up. Some people may have a hard time relaxing when they know an adjustment is coming.

The second reason for the high speed adjustment is that researchers developing the Integrator still wanted to have the same amount of force as an adjustment done by hand. So by using the equation Force = Mass X Acceleration developers made up for the much smaller mass with an incredibly fast instrument. This yields the same amount of force with adjusting either by hand or with the Integrator.

The Integrator also fires at 64Hz which is the exact frequency that your brain and spinal cord send signals up and down your nerves.

This means that the wavelength of the Integrator is the same as your nervous system and when two waves are going in the same direction they can build on each other. By adjusting at the same time frequency your body is able to accept and hold the adjustment longer.

The Integrator also provides for a three-dimensional impulse, meaning it can adjust front to back, left to right and torque clockwise and counterclockwise.

This feature makes the Integrator unique only to the Torque Release Technique®. The cocking mechanism also allows the practitioner to pre-load the device with a pre- determined amount of force. The instrument is equipped with a trip sensor in order to trigger the impulse upon a predetermined contact pressure. This allows for inter-examiner reliability and reproducibility. The Integrator was the first FDA approved chiropractic adjusting instrument, indicated for “Safe and effective correction of vertebral subluxation”.

The Integrator is the only instrument of its kind. It may seem like a simple instrument from the looks of it, but more research, design, and thought was put into the Integrator than in most research studies. Just as an example the tip is made of the same durometer or density of the average human hand. 3,500 human hands were measured and then the average was used as the tip for the Integrator to mimic adjustments by hand. The Integrator took many different aspects into consideration because the researchers wanted to create the best instrument for their research, and they did.

Specific Scientific Chiropractic Adjustment

Have you heard Dr. Shane talk about specific scientific chiropractic adjustments? At Apex Chiropractic we use the most advanced technique in chiropractic today called Torque Release Technique®. When we say specific, we mean that the Integrator, the instrument the doctor uses to adjust, allows him to get down to one vertebral level.

Unfortunately many chiropractors perform non-specific care. This is when a chiropractor would adjust multiple vertebras at one time and overload the nervous system. The short term effects may be good with this type of care, but the problem will come back with non- specific care.

By adjusting one vertebral level at a time we are doing way more for the body than by adjusting multiple levels, because the body is able to hold and accept each adjustment.

We never over adjust or under adjust, but we always move forward with your care. We adjust less in a shorter amount of time with longer lasting effects. This makes for shorter visits with better results.

When we say scientific, we mean that the technique the doctor uses here at Apex is the most researched technique in chiropractic today. It is the only technique that was developed out of research and the research done is showing that Torque Release Technique ® is not only safe, but it is also very effective.

Torque Release Technique ® has been scientifically proven to help with different conditions such as:

  • Anxiety
  • Infertility
  • Autism
  • Substance/Drug Abuse
  • Depression
  • Migraines
  • Headaches
  • Neck Pain
  • Back Pain And More!

Vertebral Subluxation And Tonal Chiropractic

The fundamental premise in chiropractic is that each of our bodies has an inborn intelligence designed to keep us alive and healthy; we call it innate intelligence. The fact is, our bodies are self- healing, self-regulating, self-developing, and self-adapting, and the nervous system is the master control system and coordinator of the body, and also plays the important role of adapting us to our environment (external and internal).

It is impossible for interference/distortion to be present in the nervous system without inherently disturbing healing, development, regulation, adaptation, and every realm of human experience since we literally live our lives through our nervous systems.

Nervous system interference/distortion is caused by life traumas/stress (emotional, chemical, and/or physical) beyond the body’s ability to safely experience and process fully.

This leads the body into a state of defense physiology (fight-or-flight), which results in vertebral subluxations. Primary subluxations of the spine often times will distort the spinal cords tension due to the connection of the cord to the spinal bones through connective tissue called duramater. The spinal cord subsequently attached to bone in only a few segments of the spine. The foramen magnum (base of the skull), C2, C5, sacrum and coccyx. Helping the body move toward more optimal states through chiropractic is accomplished via the application of specific adjustments to the spine in order to positively impact one’s “lifeline” (nervous system).

The Healing Process Through Tonal Chiropractic

Most people first visit their chiropractor after they’ve had years of long-standing health-under-mining subluxations. By that time internal scar tissue (fibrosis) has built up around the spinal discs, nerves and joints. Long-standing subluxations also cause postural changes, tender muscle areas and trigger or tender spots. You may “feel fine” but when someone touches a “hot spot” you jump! This scar tissue takes a long time to dissolve and heal and it may take months or years before you are at your physiological optimum again. The earlier you begin chiropractic care the better; the longer you wait, the more scar tissue builds up and the longer it will take to resolve.

Symptom Relief Or True Healing?

Although your symptoms may have diminished, the weakness in your structural system—spine, ligaments, discs, tendons, muscles and bones—usually remains. It may take months or years for your body to replace the internal scar tissue and rebuild. Research points that roughly 60-70% damage occurs typically before our body ever turns on a symptom. Similar to how it takes many years for a cavity to become painful.

What Factors Can Decrease Or Increase The Amount Of Time It Takes My Body To Truly Heal?

  • Your Age: Our healing capabilities tend to diminish as we all age. There are exceptions, but generally children and young adults see a shorter healing time.
  • Your Problem: It can take longer to address primary subluxations that have gone undetected or that have been neglected. More recent health concerns tend to resolve faster.
  • Your Discipline: Are you willing to adapt to some new health habits? If you are willing to follow through with recommended care and not use symptoms as a judge of change, you’ll see better results.
  • Your Goal: Your intentions are just as important as ours. Our goal is to support you in attaining optimal health to allow healing and stabilization. Is that what you want?
  • Your Attitude: It is proven that those with a positive outlook heal faster. As your nervous system begins to work better, anything is possible!

Torque Release Technique Now and Into The Future

When Dr. Holder originally decided to start his research on chiropractic he wanted to use something that would evaluate chiropractic as a whole not just one technique so he took the best of seven different techniques and came up with Torque Release Technique ® TRT. The results from his original study were so impressive that chiropractors across the country wanted to learn this new technique. Dr. Holder than started teaching his technique to schools and chiropractors across the country.

TRT has now spread across the world to chiropractic schools in Europe, Japan, New Zealand, and Canada. It is one of the fastest growing techniques in chiropractic today with over 10% of chiropractors across the globe utilizing it. This is an amazing statistic because there are well over 100 different chiropractic techniques being used today. Torque Release is also at many chiropractic schools here in the U.S. The process to add a new technique into a school can be a very long process, but TRT has been able to bypass a few barriers because of the extensive research that is backing the technique.

Current research being done with TRT is showing great results within fertility, autism, addictions, ADD/ADHD, depression, migraines, headaches, neck, and back pain.

More research is being done on other problems that people are suffering, and the preliminary results are looking great. Apex Chiropractic and many other TRT offices across the country have seen many testimonials come from practice members suffering with allergies to sciatica. As you can see we have many different testimonials in our office. In the future TRT looks to be added to the curriculum at every chiropractic school across the country and it is well on its way there. New research is coming out every year on not only how effective TRT is on different symptoms, but on how to improve the technique even more. There is said to be a new Integrator coming out within the next few years as well.

Dr. Shane uses TRT because he believes it will bring the most benefit to his practice members. It is important to him that not only his practice members get the best care possible, but future chiropractors have the best chance at being successful once they graduate.

Dr. Jay Holder | The Founder Of Torque Release Technique

At the age of 14, Dr. Holder began his experience in research in neurotoxins at the University Of Miami School Of Medicine. He attended medical school in London and then went on to chiropractic school at Life University in Atlanta, GA. He saw the benefits chiropractic had on the human body and decided to commit himself to chiropractic research. He is the first American to receive the Albert Schweitzer Prize in medicine from the Albert Schweitzer-Gesellschaft, Austria. In 1992, he was nominated as Chiropractor Of The Year by the Florida Chiropractic Association, and Florida Chiropractic Society Researcher Of The Year in 1995. Dr. Holder is an adjunct professor for St. Martin’s College. He was faculty at the University Of Miami Center for Addiction studies and Education, a post graduate faculty at numerous chiropractic colleges including National College, Life College, Life West and Parker College. His passion is being the director/founder of Exodus Treatment Center in Miami, Florida where he continues his research in chiropractic.

The original study that took the world by storm was an 18 month long study completed in 1995. The study was conducted by Robert Duncan, PhD, a biostatistician at the University Of Miami School Of Medicine alongside Holder Research Institute. The study was done at a treatment center for addiction and showed chiropractic improves overall human well-being. The study was a 98 subject, double blind with placebo control, which is the medical standard for researching medicine and medical procedures. The study showed that not only did the subjects under TRT care see their levels of depression and anxiety decreased; they decreased their visits to the nursing station from 46% in the control group to 9%. The average retention rate for most addiction programs is 55% and in this study the subjects under Torque Release Technique ®care had a 100% retention rate. After the outcomes of this study were released in 1995 the study began to gain publicity. In 2001, the study was published in Molecular Psychology; a publication of nature magazines and led to an episode on the Discovery Health channel about TRT and addiction.

In 1993 the United States senate compared Dr. Holder’s success in research to Michael Jordan’s performance in basketball. He is an author of 2 books, many scientific papers and research studies, editor in several others, inventor of medical, acupuncture, and chiropractic devices, and lectures worldwide. The case studies literature review and randomized control studies show that Torque Release Technique ® has been shown to be beneficial in improvement of certain medical conditions such as infertility, autism, addictions, ADHD, depression, and other brain reward deficiency syndromes.


  • Tonal Chiropractic:
    “Tone is the normal degree of nerve tension…expressed in functions by normal elasticity, activity, strength, and excitability of the various organs as observed in a state of health. Consequently, the cause of disease is any variation in tone…” each of our bodies has an inborn intelligence designed to keep us alive and healthy”
  • Primary Subluxation:
    The main problem within the body that alters neurological pathways the brain uses to communicate with the rest of the body (afferent output) and the pathways the body uses to relay messages back to the brain (efferent output).

Apex Chiropractic is a Torque Release Technique Chiropractor in Louisville Colorado.

Apex Chiropractic has the best rated Torque Release Technique Reviews in town! Come check out our TRT chiropractic office. It is just a short drive from all parts of Broomfield, North Denver, Westminster, Lafayette, Erie, South Longmont and Boulder County, Colorado.

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