Seldom do people make it through an auto accident without surfing some kind of injury. If an injury were to be significant, a trip to the hospital or a medical professional would be the best course of action. In cases where injuries might be minor in nature, a trip to the chiropractor might be a far better alternative for a variety of reasons. That would especially be true for people who sustain minor injuries to their neck, back and joints.

In the following sections, the information is going to focus on what is generally accepted as three good reasons to see a chiropractor after an auto accident. Hopefully, this information will serve to motivate you to see a chiropractor instead of a doctor should you only be suffering mild discomfort.

By the way, there is absolutely nothing wrong with you seeing a chiropractor as a precautionary measure.

3 Good Reasons to go to a Local Chiropractor After a Car Accident

When you get involved in an auto accident, there are certain parts of your body that are more susceptible to injury than others. Given the possibility that your body will be subjected to sudden jolting movements (See Whiplash), both your neck and back would likely have to bear the brunt of those jolts.

While wearing a seatbelt is mandatory in most states, wearing one doesn’t completely eliminate the possibility of injury. In fact, there are some instances under which a seatbelt might add to the occurrence of an injury. Given the likelihood of injury during an auto accident, let’s take a look a three (3) good reasons to go to a local chiropractor for such an occurrence.

1. Eliminate the Possibility of Hidden Injuries

As we mentioned above, there is nothing wrong with seeing a chiropractor as a preventative measure. While the human body is durable, it was never created to survive the impact of a vehicle hitting another object.

Here’s the real issue at hand. It’s possible you will come out of an auto accident feeling just fine. In fact, you might feel well enough to simply shrug off the possibility of you being injured at all. With that said, trouble could still be lurking. It’s a known fact that adrenaline can mask the occurrence of an injury for hours if not days.

Remember, neck and back injuries tend to be progressive by nature. What might start out as very little discomfort could eventually turn into an injury that is far more significant. If you are one of those people who prefer to leave nothing to chance, seeing a chiropractor would be a good idea.

If you were to visit a chiropractor, they would start off the treatment process by looking at a set of X-rays. That would be the first way they might be able to identify a potential hidden issue.

Next, they might take you through a series of minor adjustments that would be intended to identify any potential areas of soreness. This is an effective way to find injuries in the soft tissues of the body.

Finally, they might put you through a series of exercises or body movements to test for movement limitations that might be indicative of a hidden injury.

2. Build Support for a Possible Insurance Claim or Lawsuit

When two or more vehicles collide, there is at least one person at fault in most cases. Determining who that person or persons might be is a matter for law enforcement. This matters a great deal because of the liability associated with being the cause of an accident with injuries.

If you were to be the victim of an accident through no fault of your own, you would have a personal obligation to find out if your body has been compromised in any way. You can do that by getting a checkup at the hospital. You can also do that by seeing a specialist like a chiropractor.

If you were in fact injured at the hands of another driver, you should be entitled to compensation in the form of reimbursement for medical expenses. You might also be entitled to compensation for any inconvenience you might suffer and punitive damages if the accident led to a significant injury and was the direct cause of irresponsible behavior.

If you were to be entitled to any kind of compensation, it would be incumbent on you to provide proof of your injury or injuries. A chiropractor can help you build your case by identifying and treating your injury or injuries.

Remember, you can never have too much proof when it comes to dealing with insurance companies and lawyers.

3. Dealing With Legitimate Pain

Assuming you were to start experiencing pain after being involved in an auto accident, the sooner you address your pain, the sooner you can start feeling better.

The best reason to see a chiropractor will always be for the treatment of minor to moderate pain in your neck, back, and soft tissue areas. As we stated above, these types of pain issues tend to be progressive. They will get worse if you don’t seek treatment as soon as possible.

A really good chiropractor will know exactly where to go to address pain issues that were created by an auto accident. Apex Chiropractic in Louisville has seen such issues thousands of times. They can immediately start making adjustments to your skeletal and muscular systems that should give you some immediate pain relief with further improvements to come in the future.

If you have recently been in an auto accident, we would like to suggest you visit or contact us for an immediate assessment and treatment if necessary. Apex Chiropractic serves Boulder County, Broomfield, Westminster, Dacono and the greater Fredrick, Colorado areas. You can contact us by phone at 720-328-1790 or email us.