Stress is your Kryptonite

Stress. It’s simple. The more we experience chronic stress, the more of a burden it places on our health. Consider this: when we are born, we have a kind of “empty backpack” – not literally of course, but the point is that our bodies are not designed to hold and carry stress. When you experience chronic stress, you are essentially lugging around a boulder in that once, empty backpack. The “rucksack” is now a “rock sack.” As you eat with it, work with it, and even sleep with this boulder strapped to your back, day to day life becomes increasingly difficult.

You Have a Choice

Most of us carry a backpack filled with rocks of varying sizes. However, we have a choice to do something about it. For some, the path to wellness means taking the pills the Doctors insist you need. Do the pills do anything in terms of removing that backpack off your shoulders, unburdening you of your stress? Most often not. You, the sick patient, will continue to take those pills (lining the pharmaceutical company’s pockets in the process), while you line YOUR pockets with more and more rocks!

Or, you can say “no” to the pills, the rocks, and the stress and make a choice to lead a healthy life once and for all. How? Dr. Shane Kurth an expert Louisville Chiropractor can empower you with the knowledge on how to remove that “rock sack” and take a step towards natural health.

Three T’s are the Primary Cause of Subluxations

People often wonder how they get subluxations and nerve interference. Please read our other blog “The Silent Killer” to learn what a subluxation is. What causes these silent killers?

The THREE T’s: Thoughts, Traumas, and Toxins.


Thoughts cause over 88% of neurological interference (subluxations). These thoughts can include any financial, emotional, or interpersonal issues that cause stress. Small amounts of stress are acceptable. It tells you that a change is needed to restore health.

However, when action is not taken, chronic stress develops – which is absolutely detrimental to the body.

When we are under chronic stress, our body produces too much cortisol (the primary stress hormone). When we have excess cortisol in our bodies, it can disrupt almost all of your body’s processes.

This puts you at increased risk for numerous health problems, including:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Digestive problems
  • Heart disease
  • Sleep problems
  • Weight gain

Memory and concentration impairment

This is why it is crucial to have things you do on a regular basis to keep stress levels low. Incorporating a local Louisville Chiropractor into your health journey is an integral component to reducing stress and restoring health. Chiropractic care keeps your brain/body connection in tune and is the ultimate stress reducer!


Trauma causes 6% of nerve interference (subluxations) in the body. You may have thought trauma would have been the primary cause, right? Trauma includes bodily trauma, such as: car accidents, ski or bike accidents, slips and falls, as well as any other bodily trauma. This also includes the repetitive activities you do on a daily basis that are not good for the body. Known as “micro traumas,” these activities include: sitting at a desk all day, hunched over staring at you cell phone or computer, bad posture, and sleeping poorly. The list is long, but I think you get the point! All of these activities cause you to lose the extremely important curve in your cervical spine known as “the arc of life”, creating a constellation of major health problems and a shorter life expectancy.


The last 6% of nerve interference (subluxations) is caused by toxins. What are toxins? Anything you put inside your body that is not designed to be there. This includes: junk food, sugar, preservatives, drugs, alcohol, pollutants in the air we breathe, the polluted water we drink, pharmaceuticals, over the counter meds, and more!

Your Louisville Chiropractor can Help Alleviate your Stress

Unfortunately there is just no escaping the Three T’s. We are going to experience unhelpful thoughts, traumas, and intake toxins at some points throughout our lives. However, chiropractors are your ally to achieving optimum health. As trained healthcare professionals, chiropractors can locate, analyze, and correct nerve interference (subluxations) in the body. Regular chiropractic care is a key ingredient in anyone’s routine health regime. Call us today to get checked for subluxation, 720-328-1790.