There’s a new method on the block, and it’s called the “Torque Release Technique” (TRT). Although it’s the newest and most advanced technique the chiropractic field has to offer, it’s by far from an experimental concept or procedure. TRT is the “crème de la crème” of the best systems used in chiropractic assessment and treatment. The technique is known as a “low-force,” “neurologically-based,” “tonal,” “subluxation-centered” assessment, and adjusting technique.

Still with me?

You don’t have to understand what all of these phrases mean to feel the difference of a TRT session given by a Chiropractic Dr, but since I’m so passionate about all of the details behind this incredible method, I’m going to describe the goings-on here.

Here are just a few of the monumental advantages TRT has over traditional chiropractic techniques:

  1. Newest and most advanced technique in the world.
  2. No cracking, popping, or twisting! That’s right, so now a session with your Chiropractic Dr. won’t scare your children (or you!).
  3. Rapid results in less time.
  4. Focused on True Correction vs. Temporary Relief.
  5. Researchable and reproducible.
  6. Keeps stress levels low and your well-being high.
  7. Adjustments only take a couple of minutes so you can get back to your busy life.

NOW – I’m a Chiropractic Dr., so I prefer to take a balanced approach in all things. Which means… we must look at the disadvantages of TRT:

  1. Most corrections take place early in treatment, so the process at the beginning feels longer.
  2. It is not a “quick-fix.” However, consider this: no valid treatment pertaining to any other chiropractic technique or your health, in general, is a quick-fix. That’s why health care providers – and you – must be skeptical of the quick-fix. It usually means a snake oil salesman wants to make a few bucks off of you.
  3. TRT is new. Consequently, there are only a couple hundred Chiropractic Drs. in the entire world that are certified in TRT. A Chiropractic Dr may be difficult to find in your area – a big disadvantage if you’re looking for the best way to restore health.
  4. Some people like the cracking and popping; but those noises you hear actually have absolutely nothing to do with a real chiropractic adjustment. Surprised? It’s true!

Peer-reviewed Journal

TRT has been published in one of the most respected psychiatry journals due to its effectiveness in reducing anxiety and depression levels and improved measurements of wellbeing.

Fun fact: TRT is actually required by law in several states to help people with behavioral disorders and addiction problems experience a higher state of well-being as well as detox from the toxins their body was polluted with prior to TRT treatment.

How does this help my well-being?

That’s the million-dollar question; fortunately, it doesn’t require a million-dollar answer.

TRT adjustments stimulate the “feel-good chemicals” in the body. These are serotonin, norepinephrine, and dopamine. When these are depleted, it can lead to depression, anxiety, as well as an array of other health problems. Until recently, these chemicals were only thought to be produced in the brain, but new research has come to light that actually reveal several spots in the spine that produce these same chemicals as well. The Torque Release Technique focuses heavily on these areas to keep you feeling happy!

What is a Typical TRT Session Like?

Your Chiropractic Dr. will be checking your spinal column for areas where the nervous system is being damaged by Subluxation. He will then deliver an adjustment using the Integrator instrument. This is the only instrument certified by the FDA because it is valid and reliable, while adjustments by hands or any other chiropractic instrument are not FDA-approved (stay tuned for our next blog that will discuss this instrument in full detail).

The Integrator instrument reproduces what the hands were intended to do with much more specificity. The advantage of the Integrator is that it can deliver a specific frequency into the nerve endings of the spinal column – exactly where nerve function has become “facilitated” (irritated) – and correct it!

By correcting these disconnections in the body, people see improvements and often overcome a variety of health problems.

Let’s just name a few of the more common problems TRT alleviates:

  1. Neck Pain, Back Pain, Shoulder and Leg pains.
  2. Anxiety, Depression, and Nervousness.
  3. Addiction.
  4. Autoimmune conditions and Cancer.
  5. Asthma and Allergies.
  6. ADD/ADHD.
  7. Digestive issues.

Dr. Shane Kurth is one of the few people certified in this ground-breaking technique. He is trained in over 20 techniques; however, he chooses to administer TRT due to the incredible results seen in his patient’s time and time again.

One of the best things about this chiropractic technique is you can be completely healthy and still reap the benefits of TRT. We assist people in overcoming health problems; however, a majority of people that come into the office are very healthy and want to stay that way instead of waiting for a health problem to crop up down the road.

Chiropractic was designed as a preventative treatment to keep your immune system strong, your quality of life high, and ultimately leads to an extremely healthy long life!