If you are dealing with medical issues related to the health of your internal organs, your first impulse would be to go see an internist. That makes sense because the body’s organs are exactly the domain of this particular branch of medicine. Would this be your only option? It turns out that a less invasive treatment path like chiropractic care might be a feasible option for a medical condition like leaky gut syndrome.

Before you head off to see your healthcare provider, you might want to consider your options. With a medical doctor, the most likely treatment options you would have to consider would be more invasive options like taking medicine and perhaps surgery.

In the following sections, the focus of the discussion will fall on defining leaky gut syndrome and the ways a chiropractor can help a patient who is suffering from the condition. Hopefully, this information will serve you well as you choose a path for treatment of your condition.

Defining Leaky Gut Syndrome

To be very clear, the function of the body’s immune system depends a great deal on the health of an individual’s digestive system. It is the tight lining of the intestines and stomach that serve to keep toxins and bad bacteria from entering the blood system where they can cause all kinds of health issues.

The definition of leaky gut syndrome: is when cracks and crevices in that tight internal lining become evident. It’s something that needs to be addressed immediately when it occurs. Why? A weak immune system is the worst thing that can happen to a person in terms of preventing high levels of damaging toxicity in the blood. Toxins and bacteria can kill.

5 Ways Chiropractors Can Help Heal Leaky Gut Syndrome

As you consider the concept of seeing a chiropractor for treatment of your leaky gut condition, you have every right to ask how a chiropractor can practice internal medicine. Of course, your experiences have told you that chiropractors work miracles with pain related to bone, soft tissue, and muscle issues.

To clear up any questions you might have related to how a chiropractor can intervene in a leaky gut condition, we offer the following five (5) suggestions. These are some of the ways a chiropractor can, in fact, help heal leaky gut syndrome.

1. Help You Identify You Have Leaky Gut Syndrome

How many times have you been feeling or functioning below par without knowing why? It’s probably more times than you realize. Have you ever considered seeing a chiropractor as a body and health maintenance option? In fact, chiropractic treatments can relieve pain issues and address a lot of other physical and mental health conditions.

The reality is chiropractors are medical professionals with a lot of knowledge bout how the human body works. Before and during treatments, they are always asking and searching for information that might help them diagnose the source of a patient’s pain and discomfort. If a patient complains a lot about gut issues, a chiropractor would have cause to suggest the patient has leaky guy syndrome.

2. Offer Pain Relief for Pain Related to the Condition

Many times, leaky guy syndrome will bring with it pain issues in the gut. Over time, gut pain causes muscle pain due to anxiety and tension. If that prompts a chiropractor to employ certain techniques to relax muscles to address muscle pain, one of the unintended good consequences could be the relaxation of the digestive system. That could and should relieve leaky gut-related pain.

3. Improve Blood to the Body’s Organs for Healing

Fresh blood serves as a healing agent throughout the body. It’s the job of chiropractors to employ chiropractic techniques that will improve the flow of blood throughout the body. As healthy blood flows more freely to injured or diseased areas, it stands to promote a healing process. Yes, more healthy blood flow into the digestive system can have a healing effect on the walls of the stomach and intestines.

4. Improve Your Mental Health

When someone is dealing with health issues, they tend to get stressed and depressed with high levels of anxiety. That will usually result in muscle and organ tension. In the organs, tension causes more acids to flow and damage the walls of organs. When a chiropractor uses muscle relaxing techniques for relaxation, it can help relieve stress, depression, and anxiety. Better mental health slows the production of fewer acids that can harm organs.

5. Offer Other Treatment Suggestions

Beyond what a chiropractor can do to help heal leaky gut, they can also use their medical knowledge to offer patients other treatment suggestions. In terms of treating leaky gut, here are some of the leaky gut treatment suggestions they might make:

  • Changing the diet – eating less spicy foods, which cause the creation of acids
  • How avoiding Non-steroidal Anti-inflammatories can aid in gut health
  • Recommending the use of “bone” broth and certain vitamins (vitamins C & D) for better digestive health
  • Recommending chiropractic maintenance treatments as a means of maintaining better overall health and well-being

If you are having chronic gut problems with pain or discomfort, leaky gut syndrome might be the culprit. As cited above, a reliable chiropractor might be able to help diagnose and treat the issue. It’s a far better option than the invasive options that might be offered by a physician. Apex Chiropractic has several gut reset programs to clean, heal, seal and rebuild the proper gut foundation all from your own home. We have several in office specialists that will come up with the best metabolic plan for you!

If you would like to see us about the potential that you might be suffering from leaky gut syndrome, we simply suggest that you immediately contact our clinic by phone at (720) 328-1790 or online.