Athletes tend to injure themselves more than the average person. It happens as they move and rotate their bodies forcefully during the game. Athletes need good flexibility and range of motion to play the game. Yet, each game wears down muscles, tendons, and joints, causing aches and pains and sometimes, injuries that can take them out of the game for weeks or longer. Tense, tired, and overexerted muscles are not part of the game plan when you visit an Erie sports chiropractor.

Improve Your Game With a Visit to an Erie Sports Chiropractor

Athletes that visit Erie sports chiropractors even once experience a range of benefits that improve their overall well-being and athletic performance. Whether professional athletes, in school sports, or just for fun, every athlete can benefit from chiropractic visits. The sport, age of the athlete, or age matters, either: everyone benefits from the therapeutic care offered by a sports chiropractor in Erie, CO.

Visiting Erie sports chiropractic could be the key to playing your best game. Each visit prepares your body for rigorous movement and competition in the future while easing aches, pains, and strains already there. You can improve your range of motion, and athletic performance, speed up recovery and healing time, prevent injuries, and significantly reduce pain when a chiropractor works his magic! You’ll even improve musculoskeletal alignment to keep the body at ease.

Common Injuries Treated by a Sports Chiropractor

Athletes get hurt; it’s part of the game. With chiropractic care, however, injuries aren’t so threatening to your life. Athletes heal faster and prevent future or recurring damage from keeping them out of the game. They enjoy a reduction in the pain they feel as well.

Chiropractors can treat hundreds of different sports injuries, including:

  • Muscle aches and pain
  • Knee injuries, including torn ACLs and dislocations
  • Shin splints
  • Broken and fractured bones
  • Back pain and injuries
  • Over-exertion
  • Overuse of muscles
  • Traumatic head injuries, including concussions
  • Shoulder injuries
  • Wrist injuries
  • Elbow injuries
  • Tennis elbow
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome

Athletes are more susceptible to these and other injuries based on the sport they play, but other lifestyle factors also make an impact. Underlying problems and health conditions can impact your athletic performance. That is why our team of professionals is around to help. We know how important every game is and work to ensure that you play your very best, free from pain or other injuries.

5 Benefits of Sports Chiropractic Care in Erie

More athletes visit sports chiropractors in Erie these days more than ever before because they know the help offered improves their game and overall well-being. Take a look at even more reasons to schedule an appointment and decide for yourself if sports chiropractic can benefit your game.

1) Non-Invasive and Medication-Free

Sports chiropractic care utilizes the best tools and cares available without the use of medications or surgery, both of which can result in various complications. Although medication and/or surgery could be necessary in extreme cases, chiropractors focus their care using non-invasive techniques for most patients.

Studies show that sports-related injuries often include musculoskeletal problems. Sports chiropractors improve alignment and the body structure to reduce or resolve these issues.

When muscles and bones align, it improves how athletes feel and the way they perform. Athletes return to the game they love faster after an injury thanks to faster recovery times and experience fewer possible side effects during treatment when they opt for non-invasive alternative treatments from the Erie sports chiropractor.

Medicine and surgery benefit some situations and people but athletes thrive more without these potentially risky treatments.

2) Improve Performance

Sports chiropractic care offers athletes significant advantages that elevate their game. Expect better hand-eye coordination, improved flexibility and range of motion, and more stamina for peak performance during every game. Athletes notice improved performance after visiting the chiropractor in Erie just ONE TIME!

Don’t believe it? The National Football League (NFL) and Major League Baseball (MLB) partner with the National University of Health Sciences to ensure chiropractic care is part of their athletes’ recovery plan.

3) Prevent Injuries & Speed up Recovery Time

Athletes tend to injure themselves more frequently and more harshly than the average person. Each injury puts them out of the game for a while, contingent they’re capable of playing after this time elapses. Sports chiropractors in Erie ensure athletes are back in the game faster after an injury. Additionally, visits to the chiropractor can reduce or prevent future injuries and ease the pain that oftentimes is part of life for weeks or months after an injury.

Sports chiropractic care has been proven to shorten recovery time so athletes are back in the game sooner. Additionally, sports chiropractic strengthens the muscles and bones which improves your game, as well as everyday activities. You’ll even prevent injuries from happening in the first place. Chiropractors correct musculoskeletal injuries and imbalances which can stop injuries.

When you visit our sports chiropractor in Erie, we’ll assess the muscle groups that are overcompensating for other groups which then burdens athletic performance. We also identify injuries and their root cause so we can help provide therapeutic techniques that correct the issues and stop your pain over time.

4) Locate the Root Cause of the Pain

Athletes often reinjure themselves time and time again because they do not identify and correct the root cause of the injury. Likely an injured muscle or tendon, until the culprit of the pain or injury is found and corrected, athletes will continue to experience pain, discomfort, and a decline in their athletic performance.

It is dangerous to continue participating in sports or athletic games when underlying issues cause pain and discomfort. It increases the risk of serious injury and the intensity of the pain. Sports chiropractors in Erie ensure the root cause of pain is corrected so future performance is always up to par.

5) Specialized Care

Athletes need different types of care and approaches to care based on their specific sport, injuries, or pain. Different sports also work different muscles, meaning different areas of the body need more attention. Sports chiropractors in Erie assess each athlete’s condition to provide them with superior, personalized care focusing on their exact needs. Specialized care allows athletes to enjoy peace of mind knowing they’ll get the best care from a trained professional with the goal of helping them become the best athlete they can be.

Athletes can ensure they receive the specialized care they need when visiting a chiropractor. Furthermore, athletes often feel the results of chiropractic care after just one session, giving them the confidence to return again and again.

Athletes Improve Their Game With Erie Sports Chiropractic Care

Non-invasive, drug-free care benefits every athlete looking to correct musculoskeletal and nervous system issues so they play their best game. Even non-athletes can reap the rewards of sports chiropractic care in Erie. Anyone who leads an active life should certainly consider visiting a chiropractor to discover how it can change their life.

Studies suggest that 80% of all athletes visit a chiropractor during their lifetime. You are likely going to schedule this appointment at some point. Why prolong the pain and reduce your game potential when a sports chiropractor in Erie is available to impact your athletic performance in the most beneficial of ways? Nip sports injuries in the bud before they occur and schedule your appointment with our team of sports chiropractors today!