If you’re living in Colorado the way Colorado is meant to be lived in, you’re probably a little hard on your body.

You’re hiking in the summers, skiing in the winters, riding your bike to work, and running all year to keep in shape for your seasonal activities. Whether you’re a sports enthusiast or just a person who appreciates what our environment has to offer, the reality is, most of the activities we enjoy in Colorado have the potential to cause joint pain. Come get some joint pain relief in Boulder today!

The CDC reports that close to 15 million people in the US live with joint pain.

If you happen to be one of those people, you know there are as many different cases of joint pain as there are treatments for it. The spectrum ranges from ibuprofen all the way to cognitive behavioral therapy. We want to live pain-free lives, but not necessarily at the expense of participating in physical activities. And good for us! We should be willing to experience a little discomfort in the pursuit of a happy, healthy life. But what do you do when your joint pain begins to get in the way of that pursuit? When you’re experiencing pain with each movement and making modifications that cause additional strains on your body?

Chiropractic care is a natural treatment option for general joint pain.

The approach is simple and the goal is clear: realign your body so your nervous system can resume communication without interruption. Now you may be wondering, what’s my nervous system got to do with anything? It’s my knees that hurt, not my nerves! But your joints are part of the holistic structure that is you. As the song says: the knee bone’s connected to the: ankle bone. It’s all connected.

That’s what chiropractic care does—what we do—that ibuprofen cannot. Get some joint pain relief in Boulder! We are right here!

We treat your body as a complex interconnection of systems, not a hurt knee. We know your nervous system is tied directly to your joint health, and that when it’s interrupted it struggles to mobilize the operatives that will reduce your inflammation and restore your pain-free lifestyle. And because we know the value of every painless step, shred, and summit, we’ll work with you to develop a treatment plan that doesn’t start or stop in our office. Contact Apex Chiropractic to start your treatment plan.