The most common causes of knee pain are injuries to the bones or soft tissue areas around the knee, conditions like arthritis, and muscle tension around the knee area. If you are currently dealing with such issues, you are likely more focused on the pain than the cause or causes. To deal with the pain, you have two really good treatment options for knee pain that are worthy of consideration.

First, you can go see your primary healthcare provider. The only possible downside to doing this is they will usually come to the table with invasive solutions. Orthopedic medical professionals tend to prefer treating pain issues with medication and surgery in the worst cases.

If you would prefer something less invasive and more effective, you might want to consider seeing a chiropractor. When chiropractors are treating pain issues in the knee or anywhere else in the body, they typically go with non-invasive treatment options. That would include skeletal system adjustment, neuromuscular massage therapies, infrared light therapy, knee decompression and nerve re-education therapy.

Recognizing that you do have a choice, you might be wondering how seeing a chiropractor for knee pain treatment might benefit you. Surprisingly, we can offer you seven (7) different benefits you could derive by choosing this knee pain treatment option. For your education, here are those seven (7) benefits.

1. Pain Relief

When you have to live with chronic pain in your knees or anywhere else, it will detract from the quality of your life.

It can cause issues such as:

  • Inability to get enough sleep
  • Inability to get the proper amount of exercise
  • Affects your appetite
  • Can cause mental health issues like depression and anxiety

With a combination of spinal and or knee joint adjustment, massage techniques, light therapy, decompression and at home cafe, a chiropractor can offer you pain relief. If they choose to strengthen the knee joint, it’s possible they can help resolve your knee pain issues in perpetuity.

2. Targeting Specific Treatment Issues

After addressing pain issues, a chiropractor would then go to work on finding the exact source of the problem. X-rays, MRIs, and pressure point testing would likely be used to do this. That’s when the real chiropractic treatment process could begin.

After locating the exact source of the problem, a chiropractor can draw from their bag of therapeutic options to address specific issues. That bag of therapeutic options usually includes massage therapy, infrared light therapy, decompression, nerve re-education therapy and certain types of bone adjustments to the spine or knee joint(s).

3. Avoiding Pain Medications

Most medical doctors tend to rely too heavily on prescription medication for the treatment of knee pain issues. To their credit, medication is a far better option than invasive surgical options. However, medication tends to offer nothing more than short-lived solutions for pain and knee problems.

Chiropractors are trained to look for solutions that are non-invasive. They typically work hard at doing this because they understand that avoiding medication as much as possible is always in the best interest of a patient. Trigger-point massage treatments and joint injections offer natural pain relief alternatives that can start in just a few minutes. The right treatments can even give lasting knee pain relief.

4. Improve Flexibility and Mobility of the Knee Joint

When the knee hurts, it restricts an individual’s desire to move their knee or knees about. The longer this goes on, the more likely it is to result in the loss of knee mobility and flexibility.

By using spine/joint adjustments and trigger-point massage techniques that relieve pain, it can immediately affect the flexibility and mobility of the knee area as the pain subsides. Then, it is just a matter of strengthening the injured or affected area to help prevent future knee pain issues.

5. Increase Blood Circulation

The greatest healing element in the human body is fresh and healthy blood. Chiropractors know this all too well and use it to help solve problems. They like to use a lot of different techniques that are designed to increase the flow of healthy blood into the problem knee area. That might require them to recommend an internal metabolic approach to increase circulation and reduce inflammation as well.

The ultimate goal is to get more blood into the treatment area to promote faster healing of injuries or other medical conditions.

6. Reducing Inflammation

When the knee is injured, the result is usually inflammation in and around the knee. As the inflammation persists, it often causes pain for the duration. When inflammation is the proximate cause of knee pain, reducing that inflammation becomes a chiropractor’s top priority.

Again, managing inflammation involved the increased circulation of good blood into the injured area. The good blood serves to heal, which then starts the process of reducing inflammation.

7. Possible Positive Unintended Consequences

There is a reason people use chiropractic treatments as a means of maintaining their physical and mental health. The reality is healthy skeletal and muscular systems offer unintended benefits.

The unintended benefits can include the following:

  • Better immune response with more healthy blood flowing through the body
  • Better sleeping and eating habits
  • Improvement in the ability to enjoy exercising and outdoor activities
  • Improved mental health with the relief of mental health issues like stress, depression, and anxiety
  • An overall better quality of life

If you find yourself dealing with chronic knee pain issues, you can choose invasive options like medicine or surgery, or entertain chiropractic treatments as a viable treatment solution. If you choose to do the latter, there is an excellent chance you will get the pain relief you need. You might also get some of the other benefits that were discussed above.

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