There is no denying that having to deal with chronic back pain will detract from the quality of your life. Trying to navigate each day when you are not feeling well is not how anyone wants to live. Ask yourself, what does back pain keep me from doing in my life?

If you find yourself dealing with persistent pain issues in your back or neck, you have to decide how you want to deal with the pain. Assuming it’s too much for you to live with, you’ll find yourself with two realistic choices.

First, a visit to your primary care physician is always an option. However, it’s an option that will probably lead you to have to accept some kind of invasive treatment options. While it is possible your doctor might recommend you see a physical therapist or chiropractor, it’s just as likely they consider recommending steroid injections or even surgery.

As long as the cause of the pain doesn’t appear to be a serious injury or disease, seeing a chiropractor first makes a lot of sense. Their treatments typically cost less, and the treatment options they might employ are pretty much non-invasive.

for pain issues related to a pinched nerve or nerve damage, spinal decompression might well be a viable treatment option. In the sections below, the discussion is going to center on the three (3) ways that spinal decompression therapy can help with your back/neck pain issues.

What is Spinal Decompression Therapy

Sometimes, chiropractors will use certain kinds of machines and tools when they employ certain kinds of chiropractic care. One of the options most chiropractors have at their disposal is spinal decompression therapy.

This therapeutic option requires the use of a decompression table. The table is equipped with harnesses, pulleys, and a motor or manual crank to move the pulleys. Once enacted, the pulleys will gently pull on the body harnesses. In the process, the vertebrae in the spine will gradually separate. This separation serves to stretch the spine, effectively taking pressure off the discs and nerves in the spine. That’s where most back pain originates.

As the spinal decompression process continues, the position of the spine is adjusted. This will typically result in the release of pinched nerves that are causing pain. It can also result in a better flow of water, oxygen, blood, and nutrient-rich fluids to discs and spine regions. If said discs are damaged, the process will promote faster healing.

Other Ways That Spinal Decompression Can Help You

So, you can now see how spinal decompression can help relieve pain issues. However, you may not know there are other ways this kind of therapy can help you. At this point, we would like to point out three other ways that spinal decompression therapy could improve your health and well-being.

1. Help Avoid Spine Surgery

At every opportunity, you want to avoid surgical procedures no matter what kind of health issue with which you might be dealing. The fact is all surgical procedures come with inherent risks. While things seldom go wrong, the chance always exists that a patient will react to anesthesia or end up with some kind of collateral health issue after surgery.

In the realm of spinal pain issues, spinal decompression therapy often works best to resolve the pain issue at hand. When it doesn’t, then and only then might surgery have to be on the table.

It’s noteworthy that living on pain medications and having to submit to steroid injections are also invasive treatment options you should avoid if possible.

2. Improves Posture

There will always be a complementary relationship between posture and back pain generated by spine/nerve issues. When such pain is present, it causes people to sit, walk, and stand improperly. Over time, bad posture becomes the norm.

Conversely, bad posture puts a lot of pressure on discs and vertebrae. The longer bad posture rules, the more likely discs are going to herniate or nerves are going to get pinched.

Spinal decompression could well be the perfect solution for posture and pain issues. First, this is a therapy option that will help realign the spine. Once the spine is properly aligned, it becomes so much easier to maintain good posture. Second, pain relief makes it easier to control the body. That should help with any posture issues as well.

3. Improved Immune Response

The human immune system relies heavily on the flow of healthy blood. As long as the body has access to plenty of red and white blood cells, it has a better capacity for fighting off viruses and bacteria. It also increases the ability of the body to heal itself.

The problem with the human circulatory system is there are a lot of things that can interfere with blood flow. Nerve and disc problems in the spine will often cause that kind of interference. Sometimes, it just takes a few spinal decompression treatments to loosen the logjam being caused by nerve and disc problems. Over time, the immune response will improve simply because of spinal decompression treatments.

For what it’s worth, chiropractic treatments like spinal decompression come with a lot of potential benefits. It doesn’t matter if you are getting such treatments to address specific health issues or simply as a maintenance option. The bottom line is this. When back pain comes calling, seeing a chiropractor is a very viable way to start addressing said pain.

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